A spicy Christmas gift guide

Having grown up in the 90’s, I thought I’d base this year’s Christmas gift guide on my former idols – the Spice Girls. Who doesn’t need a bit of “Girl Power” to kick start 2017? Spice up your life – and your friend’s and family’s too…


For a Sporty Spice

A sporty spice loves wearing leggings or comfy hoodies all day long…especially if they’re branded with a health or fitness pun – e.g. hands up if you have a kale jumper! Here is a little gift inspo for the sporty spices of the world.

* LiEBES Protein Buckinola – from £6.90 *


This goes without saying. With a whole load of plant-based protein, fibre and grain-free power, our Protein Buckinola is the ultimate present for every sporty spice. Buy here.

* Gropes – from £18 *


Does your sporty spice cycle everywhere? Check out this uber chic leather cover for a D-lock. Buy here.

* Another Space – from £20 *


Because friends who gym together stay together. We love the Another Space HiIT classes and even better – when you buy a credit, you get a buddy credit for free. Win, win! Buy here.

* Mio Skincare Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Gel – £21 *


You’ll not have to hear anymore complaining about post-workout sore muscles with this cooling reviving muscle gel from Mio. Buy here.


For a Ginger Spice

This feisty friend wants presents that make her feel strong and independent.

* LiEBES Gingerbread Buckinola – from £6.90 *


This limited Christmas edition Buckinola must not be missing under the Christmas tree… I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really wanna zigazig ha. Buy here.

* Wunder Workshop – from £2.95 *


We love Wunder Workshop, especially their golden turmeric honey, which brings that extra glow to every ginger spice muffin. Buy here.

* Brita – from £15 *


Don’t be dependent on shop-bought bottled water. These BPA-free Brita water bottles can be filled on the go, thanks to the little filter in the lid. Buy here.

* Sistema breakfast container – £5 *


The ultimate breakfast container. Pair our Buckinola with the milk or yogurt of your choice, without your breakfast becoming soggy. “2 become 1” – as ginger space would say… Buy here.


For a Posh Spice

Yes, we know them (or might even be one of them) – the chicks who like a bit more glam and glitter in their life. Even if your budget isn’t that posh, these pressies will definitely impress the posh spice of your life.

* LiEBES Turmeric & Ginger Buckinola – from £6.90 *


Our all-time favourite Buckinola is this golden grain-free granola, infused with nature’s own superfood food, turmeric. Every posh spice wants some gold in their morning bowl. Buy here.

* The Hardihood – from £20 *


These raw treats are free from refined sugar, gluten and dairy but full of flavour. I mean – OMG – Hazelnut Rocher!?! Buy here.

* Jono Smart – from £22 *


Every posh spice loves a bit of posh pottery, especially if it is a unique piece. Check out this incredibly cool guy making the most beautiful cups, bowls and vases in town. Buy here.

* Diane Von Furstenberg pouch – £95 *


If you’re account balance is looking a bit posher, you should treat your posh spice to this beautiful set of three metallic lizard-effect nubuck pouches. Three colours, three sizes, triple posh. Buy here.


For a Baby Spice

If all your friends are having babies and you’re still too busy with collecting coffee stamps and planning the next gym class, don’t worry. We know what to give a mama spice for her baby spice.

* Cuddledry – from £17.50 *


We all remember our hooded bath towel from when we were little, right? It would’ve been so cool to have this reindeer style number… Buy here.

* Bamford – from £12 *


Why does a baby’s skin smell so wonderful? This is why. Bamford’s baby products are 100% organic and are nourished with a blend of shea butter, rosehip and extra virgin olive oils. Buy here.

* John Lewis Girls’ Cat Purse – £8 *


We wanted to be 6 years old again, when we saw this super cute cat purse. A lovely budget gift for every baby spice girl! Buy here.

* Biscuiteers Icing Kit – £50 *


When baby spice becomes toddler spice we’ve still got you covered. The Biscuiteers Rany Day Icing Kit is the everything you need to keep the toddle occupied. Buy here.


For a Scary Spice

We all have this friend (or even family member) with an “in-your-face” attitude, who likes to act- and dress a little bit differently. These gifts will definitely viva forever for her/him.

* Hey!Holla – from £16 *


Say it with your clothes. We’re obsessed with the Coconuts jumper from Hey!Holla. Super comfy and says on the outside what’s on the inside. Buy here.

* F*cking Strong Coffee – £9.99 *


What else you need to know? Exactly, no further description needed. Buy here.

* Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera – £64.95 *


This super trendy instant camera will deliver instant photos and instant fun to every Scary Spice. Buy here.