LiEBES introducing…

…Susanna from NWLife!

Welcome to our first of many blogger interviews giving you insight to Germany’s coolest blogger exports.

Over the coming months we want to introduce you to some German food, fitness and lifestyle bloggers you probably haven’t heard of – but you should’ve?



We’re kicking off our series with the lovely Susanna, who is bringing her magical posts to her followers every day – all of them with the “do what you love” mantra.

The Austrian born started her blog in 2015 as a means of expressing her creativity. Through the blog, she shares her passion for sport, fashion and a healthy lifestyle at Susanna finds it important for her not to have to strictly follow certain rules, but rather enjoy life with all its little miracles and daily joys.


1.What’s your favourite German breakfast and your favourite holiday breakfast abroad?

My favourite German breakfast is of course a proper “Butterbrot” (buttered German bread) with homemade jam. I loved this as a child and ate it almost every day. Nowadays, I don’t eat it as often, anymore, but as soon as I visit my parents, the breakfast table is set up with some jam and a bread basket?

Definitely porridge [is her favourite breakfast from abroad. Porridge is not common in Germany]. Previously I could never imagine simply eating oats for breakfast, as I never even tried muesli. The first times I tried making porridge, it didn’t turn out well and it took me a while to give it another go. But now I cannot live without it anymore and could it eat it every day? You can be so creative with each and every bowl of porridge.

2.Where is your favourite breakfast place in the world and why?

I visited London only for the first time, recently, but I fell in love with the city and its breakfast places immediately. Porridge just tastes different and better in London. I’ve tried it in many ways, myself, but never was as good as I had it in London.

3.What are the five most important things you do in the morning aka your morning routine?

As soon as I get up I open my window and head over to switch on the radio – I need a good morning tune. Also, never to be missed, no matter if it is summer or winter, is a good cup of tea or coffee to accompany my breakfast. Another must-have is time. No matter how early I have to leave the house and how much earlier I have to get up – I need to take time for my breakfast. I also always tie up my hair as it would annoy my whilst eating my breakfast haha.

Finally, I always check my emails?

4. What’s the most German thing about you?

Puh, this is a really difficult question und if I’m honest, I cannot really answer this. I think this is always a matter of opinion but I would say it’s my language haha. Otherwise I can’t think there’s anything else?




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