LiEBES introducing…

…Mara from Maras Wunderland!



Maras Wunderland has existed since October 2011, starting out with savoury but now mostly sweet dishes and, now and then, some savoury pastries. The recipes are usually quite simple, using easy, accessible ingredients and are simple to replicate. She also comes up with some unusual creations, as Mara likes to experiment and try out new things.

Most recipes are seasonal and focused on being healthy e.g. with less sugar, alternative sweeteners like dates, healthy fats like coconut oil or wholemeal flours. A healthy diet is very important to Mara.

Mara is 26 and is from a small town near Frankfurt where she lives right now. Her blog is her hobby as she is an architect focused on user experience for websites. She likes to exercise, spending time with her family and friends and loves being back home to visit her relatives and to enjoy some time in the countryside.

1. What’s your favourite German breakfast and your favourite holiday breakfast abroad?

I love a mixing some greek yoghurt (Skyr) and plain yoghurt with oats and fruits. That’s the perfect healthy start to the day for me and keeps me feeling fuller for longer. I do enjoy the English breakfast ‘Porridge’, as well, once in a while, but I know many don’t like the ‘sludge’. I love it, especially with some nuts and fruits

2. Where is your favourite breakfast place in the world and why?

It has to be on a terrace somewhere, with sea view. Or on the beach. Or amongst mountains in a chalet. I like most of all my hometown terrace though. When the birds are singing and the sun is shining and I am with my family and friends. This is where I love to be.

3. What are the five most important things you do in the morning aka your morning routine?

Brushing teeth, moisturising my face, applying a little makeup, getting changed and having breakfast. Then I’m fully awake.?

4. What’s the most German thing about you?

Oh, that’s not an easy question. I think I am quite organised and disciplined. As I’m always quite busy, I need to be organised to keep on top of everything. Otherwise my to-do list would grow longer and longer and I’d become more and more nervous?

I also really like everything to be tidy in my flat. Of course, there are times when there is chaos, particularly in the kitchen, which I can only bear for so long, before tiding it up. I also love bread and, in particular, German bread, with our wide range of varieties, which you don’t always find in other countries.


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